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Keep it calm with our Grapefruit bath salts, made in Malta. Just drop the salt into warm water and enjoy the release of the grapefruit aromas as it fizzes. The Bath salt can be added directly to your bath water and used as a body scrub in the bath and shower.How to use it:The ideal temperature o..
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Add this super cute accessory to send a message with your message or make the gift even more magic...
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Bring the wonderful scents of coconut at home.  Inspired by nature, our hand-poured candles connect you to the natural fragrances of our earth.Candle 130G net weight I 25-30 hours. List of ingredients:100% Natural Soy waxCoconut Fragrance  It is g..
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A natural cotton flower scent. A soft and flowery fragrance for a truly comforting moment.  Its floral, woody scents will delight your family and friends. The aromas evolve towards rose and heliotrope, which are at the heart of this fragrance's scents.Candle 130G net weight I 25-30 hours.&nb..
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Your Tahiti Monoi scented candle will have a fragrance that will change throughout the candle's life. Diffuse your living space with a delicious smell of holidays, close your eyes and relax! Our Tahiti Monoi fragrance is ideal for an afternoon relaxation time.  Candle 1..
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This box is composed of:1 Candle of your choice1 500g Grapefruit Bath salt/ Body scrub Add a card of your choice with your personal message or a message bottle :) If you wish to have a personalised design card please contact us. Our boxes are 100% customisable with natu..
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Scrub your stress away with this perfect box composed of: 3 50g Grapefruit Bath salts/ Body scrubs1 50g Soap of your choice 1 Soap holder Add a card of your choice with your personal message or a message bottle :) If you wish to have a personalised design card please contact us. ..
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Our premium, organic, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils scented soy wax candles are a fragrance to behold! Not only will this divine scent permeate your entire home in powerful but calming aromas of lavender and eucalyptus, but look forward to using the melted non-toxic soy wax as a massage oil..
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This zesty, zingy, revitalising aroma of fresh-cut oranges and grapefruit is enough to uplift you up and zap you into a feel-good, energised mood. Combine it with the delights of the melted, natural soy wax for your massages or even skin moisturisers, and you have a winning combination.Candle 130G n..
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Our massage candles are soy-based which means they have a low melting point that makes it safe to use on your skin. Infused with organic essential oils, the aroma alone is sure to kick start that Zen feeling of relaxation. It is easily absorbed into the skin leaving it feeling smooth, soft..
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The Aloe Vera is famed for its skin healing properties, the most valuable part of an Aloe Vera is the clear gel found inside the leaves, which contain 75 health-giving nutrients, perfect for soothing insect bites, burns and sunburn. This is a surprisingly hardy and easy houseplant to grow.Light cond..
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It’s the small things in life. A simple succulent plant can brighten a home, help purify the air and even improve your focus. Why not gift a plant today? It goes beyond aesthetics; it feeds the soul...
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