As human beings, we have developed the habit of offering gifts to our family, relatives, and friends on special occasions. Whenever such a moment occurs, we must consider what are the best gifts we can offer.

 For example, we could buy some flowers, as they will have a pleasant aesthetic effect considering their appearance and their smell. But a smart alternative for these occasions and also a universal gift we can offer are the best smelling candles.

 I. When were the scented candles invented?

II. How do perfumed candles work?

III. Why should we seek and use the best smelling candles?

These are some questions that will be answered in this article.

The appearance of scented candles

If we take a trip into the past, we will discover that in 3,000 BC, the Egyptians had crafted the ancestor of the best smelling candles we buy today. Their technique involved the usage of waxes created from insects and plants.

 In the Middle Ages, scented candles were used on the Old Continent, after the candles made from beeswax had been brought to Europe. During the medieval period, the beeswax was very expensive, so only the wealthy people could afford to burn some of those best smelling candles at home.

 In the Americas during the colonial period, women tried to craft perfumed candles by using bayberries. However, the process of creating something aesthetically pleasing such as those special candles was a tedious one.

 Only after the middle of the 19th century, technological improvement had also started to influence the wax and mechanization of candle production. That was the moment when the scented candles started to be produced on a large scale.

 How do perfumed candles work?

After you light the wick of a perfumed candle, the heat generated by the flame will begin melting the wax. At the moment the fragrance molecules contained in the wax have heated, you will start to feel a special aroma.

As more wax starts to melt, this will also cause that pleasant scent to grow stronger. This is the reason why the larger a candle is, the greater her fragrance will be after its wax pool has extended to the edges.

 To be sure your scented candle will melt evenly, you must check that her wick is located right in the center, put that candle on a level surface, and make sure it is out of the way of drafts.

 Reasons to use perfumed candles

  •  Home, sweet home, but with a pleasant smell too.

Starting with the moment we wake up and ending with our sleep, we take a trip that is filled with lots of smells. After you get home, just burn a scented candle to spread a wonderful fragrance in your house and improve your well-being.

  •  The wonderful mix of originality and personality

When you start to use scented candles in your home, all of your visitors will associate those special fragrances with your personality. Experiment with different aromas for these candles and soon your friends will start to consider you an original and innovative person.

 On a personal level, remember that the scent of the place you live in can increase your comfort and confidence level.

  •  Perfumed candles and memories

There is a strong connection between your memory and the sense of smell. The fragrance is also something that reminds people of nice and pleasant things. The scented candles can relax your mind and make you live again unforgettable moments from your past.