If you look in the bathroom at a waste bin after a party, you will see an incredible amount of make-up removal pads. Many people say that they have to use about 5 large cotton pads or 10 small cotton pads to remove all the make-up on their skin after a party.

That's an exorbitant amount of cotton consumption per year. Waste that we could reduce and eliminate on a daily basis thanks to washable make-up remover pads.


Indeed, today, make-up removal is essential in a woman's life to have beautiful, clean and moisturised skin.

However, it is important to think about the impact of these products on the environment, especially the fact that they are made with pesticides and water, so why not choose a reusable cotton pad?

What does reusable washable cotton change?

First of all, we can see savings on their purchase but also, a benefit for the environment.

Mihome's products can be used over and over again and are Oeko-Tex certified, i.e. without substances that are harmful to the skin and the environment.

It can be used on all types of skin, especially sensitive skin and is perfectly suited to all make-up removal products.

Finally, it removes make-up as well as disposable cotton pads.

So I decided to test these

I decided to test the use of these cotton pads in order to get answers to the questions we all have :

Does cotton wool remove make-up as well? Yes, if you remove daily make-up, i.e. not too heavy. This one has a soft side that is perfect for removing make-up from sensitive skin.

Does the make-up on the cotton pads wash off? Yes, but don't hesitate to wash them hot and add bicarbonate from time to time to keep the product white.

Is it binding? No. Most washable pads are sold in batches, which means you can last a week and space out your washings. In addition, the discs are large enough to use only one per cleansing. 

Using washable cotton pads is an eco-responsible gesture to preserve the planet. It is a habit to change in one's daily life in order to contribute to the planet.

For this reason, it is important to start or continue using them in your daily life. 

So don't hesitate and go for it !!!! :)