Going into the history of salt and all its purposes can be inexhaustible as it has been in use for thousands of years. The availability of salt has been pivotal to the development of civilisation; It was considered highly valued and even used as a form of currency in the olden days. 

Today, salt is universally accessible and affordable to everyone. This blog focuses on the uses of salt to cleanse negative or toxic energies in your home. This salt method of energy cleansing is exceptionally affordable and effective.

Salt has a very spiritual background because of its energy cleansing properties and has been used to draw out negative energies for over 6,000 years in some cultures. 

We have all been exposed to negative vibes or bad ‘juju’ as they say, and occasionally, depending on your sensitivity to energies, you can feel these negative vibes surround you as they settle in your homes. And, believe it or not, this can affect your mood, health, finances and relationships.

Many cultures around the world use the healing powers of salt to draw out negative energies. Today, with the rise of Spirituality and the New Age Movement, along with burning sage, the use of salt is a prevalent home ritual. It is done to new homes to clear away old energies and make way for the new, or families that have experienced or been exposed to toxic energies. Another prevalent use it has is to usher in financial prosperity to the home and everyone that resides in it. Sometimes, burning a candle and a good spring cleaning is just not enough. 

How can you use salt to cleanse your home?

The first and most important is the type of salt to use. Industrial processed salt or table salt should be avoided as much as possible in these cleansing rituals and your last resort as they are iodised and not considered to be pure or natural enough. The best type of salts to use in these cleansings are Himalayan salts or sea salts. 

Pour some salt in a small dish or container, glass or ceramics is preferable, but you can use any small clean vessel you have. Place these dishes in the corners of your houses in busy places that have a lot of movement of energy, e.g. your front door, the kitchen corner or even by window sills. Let it sit for a few days; this way, it acts like a magnet so that it can absorb all the negative energy that may be in the air. 

Once it has been sitting for a minimum of 48 hours, it would have absorbed all the negative energies, and you can now go ahead and discard of the salt. Leaving it to sit permanently in a corner defeats the purpose of getting rid of the negative energy in your home. To discard of the salt, simply flush it down the toilet or throw it outside directly into the earth or down a drain pipe.

It is also crucial to keep the salt away from your pets. This salt is not for consumption purposes, but cleansing and having them eat it or get it in their paws can just spread the negative energy absorbed by the salt around again instead of permanently getting rid of it.

Another way to use salt to cleanse your home is by diluting it in a spray bottle of water and spraying its mist around in every room of your house. 

Dissolving salt in the water you use to clean your surfaces and floors is another technique you can adopt as well. 

If you have never tried using salts to cleanse your house, with everything going on in the world today, there is no better time than now to try it out. What do you have to lose other than negative space and energy?

Before we go, we will leave you with one vital and life-changing salt tip that you can use for around the home. It not only gets rid of negative energies but also a special kind of unwanted guests. Ready for it? Spiders. Yep, mixing salt and water and spraying it in the corners you suspect spiders nests to be will help to eliminate them. You’re welcome and happy cleansing!