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28 Oct Soy Wax Candle Delights
myriam 0 254
Candles come in many forms, shapes, scents and waxes. This is why there is almost no limit to creativity when it comes to candles. It is easy to see w..
01 Oct The Use of Salt in Cleansing Negative Energies
myriam 0 205
Going into the history of salt and all its purposes can be inexhaustible as it has been in use for thousands of years. The availability of salt has be..
18 Sep Benefits of Essential Oils
myriam 0 162
When we hear essential oils or aromatherapy oils, we think of alluring and calming fragrances, but the benefit of these oils way exceeds the aesthetic..
09 Sep Reading Your Candle
myriam 1 990
Here is some candle magic for you. Did you know that you can read your candle flames? Candle reading is the act of observing the signs and omens in th..
01 Sep Nature's wonder plant - The Aloe Vera
myriam 0 140
The aloe Vera plant is a versatile, centuries-old, multitasking succulent which has been gaining a lot of popularity over the past few years due to it..
31 Jul Mihome's Malta Artisan Market Debut
Content 0 770
Mihome's debut at our very first Market was a huge success. We were honoured to have been a part of the Malta Artisan Market this year. Celebrating ..
30 Jun Mihomemade: The Brand That Cares for You And Nature
Content 0 176
When it comes to gifting options, there are plenty of ideas that pop in our mind that possibly makes us even more confused. Irrespective of the occa..
25 Jun Gift Your Loved Ones Mihomemade Products
Content 0 185
Gifts are always close to our hearts, irrespective of their monetary worth. Whenever it comes to making the special day of your loved ones even more..
22 Jun Personalize your MIHOMEMADE gift box
Content 0 184
When we care about someone and we want to show our appreciation, we will often think about giving him something. The gift is the perfect way to bright..
18 Jun Best Bath Salts
Content 0 158
Sometimes, we seek products that will relax our bodies while offering us various health and cosmetic benefits. For example, when we come home tired ..
14 Jun Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones
Content 0 162
Your beloved’s birthday is around the corner, and searching for the perfect gift is always a challenge. Everyone wants to make their loved ones’ spe..
12 Jun Perfumed Candles
Content 0 168
As human beings, we have developed the habit of offering gifts to our family, relatives, and friends on special occasions. Whenever such a moment occu..
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